Ambassador Guide

What will you do?

- Perform or speak at RAP events - Speak on behalf of RAP at events - Get interviewed for local radio, printed media, web blogs or television - Seek out projects in your area that RAP can support - Facilitate introductions with local charities, journalists, venues, event promoters, sponsors - Create regular content such as blogs, art, video, music, poetry - Share RAP news and media content through your social media channels - Assist in organising a RAP fundraising event in your region

Who can be an ambassador?

- Anyone passionate about creating positive social impact locally and abroad - You create original artistic content such music, poetry, art, video, animation - Have a significant or growing social media presence with engaged fanbase - Have a prefessional experience, industry contacts or subject matter expertise in: - emerging technology - music and events - disaster management - poverty alleviation - climate change - humanitarian aid - volunteering

What resources will you need?

You will be proivded with an Ambassador kit that includes: - pitch deck and script for giving presentations - media folder with logos, images, photos, videos, info booklets - communication templates - contact list of everyone involved in RAP globally - access to global operations roadmap and timelines

How does being an ambassador help you?