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In early March 2018, VF formally offered support to the government of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the BVI Climate Change Trust Fund (BVICCTF), to have the RaP initiative raise significant and needed funds for the resiliency and rebuilding efforts following the catastrophic damage left by 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The British Virgin Islands were severely damaged by two major hurricanes within weeks of each other. For the first time in history, scientists observed 3 major hurricanes simultaneously in the Atlantic Ocean. 2017 was the worst year of on record for natural disasters globally at $306b. This figure nearly doubled from the previous year. There’s an urgent need for high-risk nations to radically improve their disaster management capabilities. The next hurricane season is only 5 months away.




A major problem and cost of disaster relief is expertise traveling to the site to evaluate the recovery needs. To mitigate this and ensure money raised goes towards the recovery efforts, our team will create a simulation of the island and project site, Paraquita Bay. The BVI Virtual Reality Simulation will enable a global team of experts to remotely collaborate in real-time with stakeholders from BVI and surrounding islands. 

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Following the mission to the British Virgin Islands, RaP has developed a stronger scope and can now move forward in carrying out events to raise the required funds for the project. Below are parts of the project that will be funded through the RaP concerts assisted by Metavents’ innovative project management capabilities. 



Natl Agri-Business Planning
Food Security
Food Production
Food Import Substitution
Waste to energy
Landfill management
Water Management




Disaster Planning
Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Risk Management
Disaster Risk Mitigation
Disaster 3D Immersive Modelling
Disaster 3D Immersive Training
Relief Technologies


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