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New York, America

Dennis Ramdahin is an environmentalist and sustainable development practitioner with almost two decades working in supporting the poverty and climate change agendas. His experience includes the first active introduction of greening of New York State government (dating back to 1999), with focus on energy master planning, green building design, energy life cycle financial modeling, all aimed at supporting the reduction of greenhouse gases from the built sector environment.

Jamaica, America

Having served as the Jamaican Ambassador to the United Nations and as a former Senior Advisor to the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Byron Blake is an Economist with over fourty-five years experience, working at different levels in institution building, policy development and promotion, planning, program and project development and promotion in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM – 1970 -2004). 

New York, America

Dale Stephens, a Manhattan native and lifelong musician, is a Co-Founder of Rock against Poverty. Dale was instrumental in the very first RaP concert in New York City’s Tompkins Square Park. His countless hours of organizing helped the Foundation kick-off its inaugural concert which was promoted by Mariah Carey and other celebrities, landing national press attention.

Ron Blankenforth, AU Director - Vihara Foundation

Melbourne, Australia

Ron Blankenforth is not just a “think tank” we get our hands dirty. He take serious sustainable action for developments, addressing climate change, natural disasters response, he has a way forward to funding and reducing our GHG . Saving our climate from getting worse. Ron has developed or integrated a number of technology for Regen farming and eco-tourism resorts that have wellness and adventure at the forefront. Showcasing Clean and Green technologies that are Zero emissions and discharges. Negawatts. Strategic consulting in cutting carbon in businesses using energy-efficient products and generating renewable energy and adding carbon to soils. 

Ivan Tutic, AU Director - Vihara Foundation

Melbourne, Australia

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Brisbane, Australia

Owner of Argo, a professional practice with architects, engineers, masterplanners, and landscape architects. He is the director of Blue Ring which remediates damaged landscapes back to its original health and function using natural techniques. He specialises in poverty alleviation, food security and climate change mitigation projects

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