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To make a serious difference to

poverty and the environment.

On a mission to undertake business and scientific modeling to address scalable poverty alleviation and climate mitigation is the Vihara Foundation.

The Vihara Foundation is a registered, not for profit organisation created in 2009 by United Nations Retired Ambassadors and Sustainable Development Professionals. The Foundation has a purpose of elevating the global efforts currently underway for addressing poverty, climate change and disaster relief efforts. Engaging in humanitarian and sustainable project development extending from India to the Caribbean, the Philippines, Australia and the United States.

The mission of the Vihara Foundation has evolved over the years from aiming to assist poverty stricken communities from across the world, to include economic development advisory to developing nations of the Caribbean, as well as natural disaster planning, relief and climate impact resiliency to hurricane affected regions.

Natural disasters between 2003-2013 cost the global economy $1.5 trillion

caused over 1.1 million deaths and affected more than 2 billion people according to a study by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. With these numbers expected to increase due to the adverse effects of climate change, the non-profit nature of the Vihara Foundation’s project development saw the need to find alternative funding, beyond government grants.

Entirely centered on the need to support poor and destitute communities rise up and out of their current situations, the Vihara Foundation ideals focus on encouragement, education, economic reorganisation and empowerment whilst aiding the fight against climate change.

In December 2010, the Vihara Foundation launched a fundraising event initiative, the Rock against Poverty campaign. Rock against Poverty endeavours to highlight and change the cultural and political attitudes towards disaster mitigation and readiness through entertainment, as an innovative fundraising platform bringing together global music, art, fashion and sporting events.

After transitioning through a series of United Nations branding: at 2011 UN Earth Day Commemoration and by UNESCO New York Chapter at the 2014 General Assembly Sessions, 50 Rock against Poverty events will be planned over the next ten years and executed in 25 countries worldwide.

The target is to raise $1 billion

annually to aid the most at risk nations.

To assist Rock against Poverty, the Vihara Foundation has received offers and support for development from major music industry alliances such as the Jimi Hendrix Foundation in 2014.

In 2015, the Vihara Foundation partnered with an Australian tech-start-up, Metavents. Together the Vihara Foundation and Metavents have developed a new methodology for planning, funding and executing humanitarian projects.

In 2017, The British Virgin Islands were severely damaged by two major hurricanes within weeks of each other, causing catastrophic damage. The Vihara Foundation formally offered support to the government of the British Virgin Islands in March 2018, piloting the Rock against Poverty campaign.

Join us in the Rock Against Poverty global movement today.

50 events. 25 countries. $1billion.

#joinus today @ to find out more and how you can get involved.

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